For Members

Charles Porter Award

This award recognizes meritorious service to the Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology (SIMB) as exemplified by Charles Porter, co-founder of the SIMB.
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Charles Thom Award

SIMB developed this Award, named for Charles Thom, a pioneer in industrial microbiology and mycology, to honor researchers for their exceptional merit in industrial microbiology and biotechnology, and their independent of thought and originality that added appreciably to scientific knowledge.
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SIMB Fellowship

Fellowship status is a special grade of membership in SIMB, acknowledging a career long sustained record of significant research and/or service contributions to the profession of industrial microbiology and/or biotechnology.
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Waksman Outstanding Teaching Award

The recipient shall have been an active full time professor in the field of industrial or applied microbiology or biotechnology at a recognized institution of higher education for a minimum of 10 years teaching undergraduate or graduate students, or attainment emeritus status. He or she must be actively involved in research in their respective teaching field while carrying a teaching load.
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Young Investigator Award

This award aims to encourage young investigators to continue their research and to recognize and support their efforts at the beginning of their career.
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For Students

Carol D. Litchfield Best Student Oral Presentation Award

The oral presentations will be selected based on the submitted abstracts by the convener(s) of the oral presentation session and judged by special members of the Awards and Honors committee at the annual meeting.
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Carol D. Litchfield Best Student Poster Presentation Awards

Five Best Poster Presentation Awards will be given, one in each of the Society’s core areas (Biocatalysis, Environmental Microbiology, Fermentation and Cell Culture, Metabolic Engineering, and Natural Products). Posters will be judged onsite by special members of the Awards and Honors Committee at the annual meeting.
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Diversity Travel Award

Established to promote diversity and to increase the participation of underrepresented minority groups in the Society of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology (SIMB) amongst the graduate students making presentations at SIMB meetings.
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For Companies

SIMB’s Industry Award for Discovery, Innovation, and Development in Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology

This award recognizes companies that have contributed significantly to bringing products of industrial microbiology and biotechnology research and development to market.
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