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2018 SIMB Fellowship Awardee

Douglas Eveleigh, Ph.D – Rutgers University (emeritus)

Doug Eveleigh has been active in SIMB for over forty years. He trained in mycology: University of Exeter, UK,1959, and worked at National Research Council (Canada) (Halifax and Saskatoon), University of Wisconsin, and US Army Laboratories, Natick, MA, before joining the Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology, Rutgers University, 1970. He was honored with the Eveleigh-Fenton Chair of Applied Microbiology, 2001. His interests addressed industrial fermentation (chitosanase, cellulase-gasohol Trichoderma, Streptomycetes,Thermotoga, plus ethanol – Zymomonas), and nitrogen fixation (Frankia) in bayberry. His sabbatical studies considered biomass transformations and the history of antibiotics: International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna; L’Institute Pasteur, Paris; Horticulture International, Littlehampton, UK; Natural History Museum and Science Museum, London, and Beijerinck Museum, Delft University of Technology, Delft. He received the first SIMB “Waksman Teaching Award” (1989), and overall mentored fifty graduates. Eveleigh was a SIM Director (1989-1993), co-editor Microbial Metabolites, Developments in Industrial Microbiology 32 (1992). SIMB Banquet Speaker, 2015. A historian with SIMB Archives, he also documented Selman Waksman’s antibiotic program: he chaired 50th anniversary celebrations of actinomycin, 1990, streptomycin 1994 and neomycin 1999, the Departmental centennial 2001, and the 60th anniversary of the Waksman Nobel Prize, 2012. He initiated the restoration of the laboratory where Albert Schatz, Elizabeth Bugie and Professor Selman Waksman, discovered streptomycin, The Waksman Museum.

About SIMB Fellowship

Fellowship status is a special grade of membership in SIMB, acknowledging a career long sustained record of significant research and/or service contributions to the profession of industrial microbiology and/or biotechnology.


Nomination for Fellowship should include a detailed statement of the basis for nomination. The nominator and one co-sponsor must be members of SIMB. Selection as a Fellow will be based on excellence in microbial research and on contributions made in administrative, academic, industrial, agricultural, governmental, military, or public health positions.

Nominations process

Any current member of the SIMB may, at any time, nominate another current member for consideration of Fellowship status. The nomination is submitted in writing to the chair of the Awards and Honors Committee (Committee) and must be supported by two cosponsors, at least one of whom is also a member of SIMB. The nomination must be accompanied by a letter from the nominating person stating the recipient’s record of significant research, as well as a copy of the recipient’s current CV. In addition, a short letter should be provided from the cosponsors confirming their nomination. This nomination package should be sent to the Awards and Honors Committee.

The Board of Directors can approve no more than three candidates for Fellowship status in any calendar year. Individuals granted Fellowship status receive an appropriately inscribed plaque that is presented to the fellow by SIMB President at the Annual Meeting. The fellows will receive complimentary registration for the Annual Meeting if they chose to attend.

SIMB Fellowship Awardees

Robert F. Acker – 1990
Paul Actor – 1999
Spiros N. Agathos – 2006
Donald G. Ahearn – 1987
Zhiqiang An – 2015
Richard H. Baltz – 1999
Joan W. Bennett – 1996
Deepak Bhatnagar – 2009
Mervyn Bibb – 2016
Seymour S. Block – 1992
Ramaraj Boopathy – 2016
Rodney Bothast – 2001
Jean Brenchley – 1998
Lewis Brown – 1997
Douglas C. Cameron – 2003
Thomas “Ed” Cleveland – 2002
Rita R. Colwell – 1988
Joseph J. Cooney – 1988

Julian Davies – 2014
Brian H. Davison – 2017
Arnold L. Demain – 1985
Richard P. Elander – 1985
Karl Esser – 1990
George M. Garrity – 2005
Gerhard J. Haas – 2004
Clifford W. Hesseltine – 1985
Russell Hill – 2003
C. George Hollis – 1991
Sir David Hopwood – 2013
Ching T. Hou – 1996
Robert L. Huddleston – 1987
Arthur E. Humphrey – 1985
Jennie C. Hunter-Cevera – 1997
Lonnie Ingram – 2001
Warren P. Iverson – 1985
Thomas Jeffries – 1998

Arthur M. Kaplan – 1985
Louis Kaplan – 1994
Edward Katz – 1992
Allen I. Laskin – 1986
Sang Yup Lee – 2010
Carol Litchfield – 2002
John Litchfield – 1987
Warren Litsky – 19876
Prakash Masurekar – 2008
Saul L. Neidleman – 1989
Satoshi Ōmura – 2015
Stephen Picataggio – 2011
Michael A. Pisano – 1991
Nasib Qureshi – 2017
Kenneth B. Raper – 1985
Richard L. Raymond – 1987
Kevin Reynolds – 2016
Morris R. Rogers – 1991

Harold Rossmoore – 1990
Inge Russell – 1995
Badal C. Saha – 2012
Robert D. Schwartz – 1994
Paul L. Skatrud – 2000
George A. Somkuti – 1989
Robert W. Squires – 1987
Attila Szentirmai – 2009
Richard Traxler – 1997
Leland A. Underkofler – 1985
Erick Vandamme – 2005
C. Herb Ward – 1990
Marvin Weinstein – 1995
H. Boyd Woodruff – 1985
J. W. David Wu – 2009
X. (Jerry) Wang – 2009
Charles C. Yeager – 1990
Hideaki Yukawa – 2011