Annual Meeting – Session Topics

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Smithsonian CastleTopics:

Environmental Microbiology
Fermentation & Cell Culture
Metabolic Engineering
Natural Products
Special Topics


Enzymes for biomass treatment

Convener: Debbie Yaver, Novozymes

Chemo-enzymatic approaches for product synthesis (hybrid)

Convener: Sylvie Garneau-Tsodikova, Univ. of Michigan

Halogenases and dehalogenases

Convener: Alfred Spormann, Stanford

Enzyme engineering and directed evolution

Convener: Nobuhiko Tokuriki, University of British Columbia

Whole cell biocatalysis

Convener: Pat Cirino, University of Houston

Environmental Microbiology

Zero waste technologies for Biofuels Production

Convener: Rajesh Sani, South Dakota School of M&T

Environmental Metagenomics

Convener: Terry Hazen, University of Tennessee

Advances in microbial fuel cells

Convener: Enrico Marsili, Dublin City University

Bioremediation and biodegradation

Convener: Melanie Mormile, Missouri M&T

Biohydrogen production

Convener: Melanie Mormile, Missouri M&T

Fermentation and Cell Culture

Cell Culture: CHO to stem cells

Convener: Tiffany Rau, Department of Energy

Challenges in solid state fermentation

Convener: Yahya Kargalioglu, Altria

Evolution, adaptation, mutation and selection in fermentation

Convener: Helia Radianingtyas

Fermentation of unrefined feedstocks

Convener: David Hogsett, Mascoma

Fermentation media design: Composition and feeding strategies

Convener: Noel Fong, Nucelis

Metabolic Engineering

Bulk/Commodity Biochemicals from Renewable Resources

Convener: Janice Pero, Myriant Corporationtba

Specialty Chemicals/Materials from Renewable Resources

Convener: Kristala Prather, MIT

Metabolic Engineering for Advanced Biofuels (I)

Convener: Brian Pfleger, University of Wisconsin

Metabolic Engineering for Advanced Biofuels (II)

Convener: Katy Kao, Texas A&M

Metabolic Engineering of Extremophiles or organisms with less developed genetic systems

Convener: Jan Westpheling, University of Georgia

Natural Products

Microbes in Agriculture: Biopesticides, Natural Products and Transgenes

Convener: Don Hahn, Dow AgroSciences

Natural product biosynthesis, structure, and function

Convener: Doug Mitchell, University of Illinois

Natural products from unusual sources

Convener: David Newman, National Cancer Institute

Bioengineering in drug discovery

Convener: Huimin Zhao, University of Illinois

Novel enzyme mechanisms in biosynthesis and secondary metabolism

Convener: Satish Nair, University of Illinois

Special Topics

Next generation DNA sequencing technologies and applications

Convener: Jon Armstrong, Cofactor Genomics

Computational, omics, and systems biology approaches to fermentation

Convener: Anthony Burgard, Genomatica

Synthetic biology tools and applications

Convener: Chris Voigt, MIT

Regulation of microbial gene expression by RNA and its potential for practical applications

Convener: Shelley Copley, University of Colorado

Women in industrial microbiology

Convener: Joan Bennett, Rutgers

Student oral presentations

Conveners: Laura Jarboe, Iowa State and Rob Donofrio, NSF International