Annual Meeting – Session Topics & Conveners

The program abstracts are now available Online. Subject to change.

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Modeling and Computational design
Sagar Khare (Rutgers Univ.)

Chemo Enzymatic Approaches to Biocatalysis
Sylvie Garneau-Tsodikova (Univ. of Kentucky)

Novel Transformations
Jon D. Stewart (Univ. of Florida)

Enzymes for Hydrolysis of Lignocellulosics View Description
Debbie Yaver (Novozymes), Regine Behr (Novozymes)


Microbial Ecology for Industrial Settings
Matthew Fields (Montana State University)

Functional Metagenomics and Gene Discovery
Don Cowan (Univ. of Pretoria)

Melanie Mormile (Missouri M&T)

Enrico Marsili (Dublin City Univ., Ireland)

Microbial Consortia / Population Synergies View Description
Cynthia Collins (Rensselaer Polytechnic)

Fermentation & cell culture

Miniature Bioreactors in Strain Development View Description
Goutham Vemuri (BioAmber), Katy Kao (Texas A&M)

Fermentation of Non-Conventional Yeast & Bacteria
Quinn Zhu (DuPont)

Genomic Stability in Fermentation Processes View Description
Chandresh Thakker (Rice Univ.), Clementina Dellomonaco (DuPont)

Beer and Wine Fermentation View Description
Torben Bruck (Pfenex), Noel Fong (Nucelis)

Production of Biopharmaceuticals View Description
Tom Kelleher (Amgen) & Tiffany Rau (Eli Lilly)

Production of Biochemicals View Description
Dan Solaiman (USDA/ARS), Robert Fireovid (USDA/ARS)

Metabolic Engineering

Biofuels I: Integrated Approaches for Sustainable and Cost-Efficient Biofuels Production View Description
Andreas Schirmer (LS9)

Biofuels II: Metabolic Engineering and Synthetic Biology Approaches for Advanced Biofuels Synthesis View Description
Cong T. Trinh (Univ. of Tennessee)

Metabolic Engineering for Basic and Intermediate Chemicals Production View Description
Steve van Dien (Genomatica)

Metabolic Engineering for the Production of Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Precursors View Description
David R. Nielsen (Arizona State Univ.)

Metabolic Engineering of Non-Traditional Host Microorganisms
Christie Peebles (Colorado State Univ.)

Natural Products

New Developments in Natural Product Biosynthesis View Description
Brian Bachmann (Vanderbilt)

New Methodologies for Natural Product Chemistry View Description
Paul Jensen (Scripps/UCSD), Eric Schmidt (Univ. Utah)

Cyanobacterial Natural Products and Metabolic Engineering View Description
William Gerwick (Scripps/UCSD)

Synthetic Biology for Natural Product Discovery and Development
Huimin Zhao (Univ. of Illinois)

The Future of Natural Products in Drug Discovery: Roundtable View Description
William Fenical (Scripps/UCSD)

Special Topics

Intellectual Property
Sarah Lau (Kilburn & Strode LLP)

Synthetic Biology I Tools
Howard Salis (Penn State)

Synthetic Biology II Applications View Description
Kirsten Benjamin (Amyris)

Algae: Engineered Strains/Engineered Production Systems
Philip Pienkos (NREL)

System Biology: Applications
Goutham Vemuri (BioAmber)