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Keynote Speaker

Nigel Mouncey, Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute

Banquet Speaker

Arny Demain, Research Institute for Scientists Emeriti

Session 1: Natural products in microbiomes/environment

Jörn Piel, Institute of Microbiology, ETH
Helge Bode, Biozentrum, Goethe University
Marc Chevrette, Dept of Microbiology, University of Wisconsin
Wenjun Zhang, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, UC Berkeley
Zixin Deng, School or Life Science and Biotechnology, Shanghai Jiaotong University
Eung-Soo Kim, Dept of Biological Engineering, Inha University
Eric W. Schmidt, Dept of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Utah

Session 2: Chemical biology of natural products

Rebecca A. Butcher, Dept of Chemistry, University of Florida
Ben Shen, Dept of Chemistry, Scripps Florida
Ho Jeong Kwon, Dept of Biotechnology, Yonsei University
Joanne Wong, Novartis Pharma AG
Edmund Graziani, Pfizer
Tohru Dairi, Hokkaido University
Andriy Luzhetskyy, Helmholtz Institute

Session 3: New tools driving discovery of bioactive natural products

Dan Gray, Warp Drive Bio
Roger Linington, Dept of Chemistry, Simon Fraser University
Rolf Müller, Helmholtz-Institute, Saarland University
Andreas Peschel, Dept of Microbiology, University of Tübingen
William Metcalf, Dept of Microbiology, University of Illinois
Brian Bachman, Dept of Chemistry, Vanderbilt University
Thomas Ramseier, Dow AgroSciences

Session 4: Enzymatic reaction mechanisms in natural product biosynthesis

Ikuro Abe, Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Tokyo
Jurgen Rohr, Dept of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Kentucky
Barrie Wilkinson, Dept of Molecular Microbiology, John Innes Center
Wen Liu, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry
Rebecca Goss, School of Chemistry, University of St. Andrews
Wilfred van der Donk, Dept of Chemistry, University of Illinois
Fumitaka Kudo, Dept of Chemistry, Tokyo Institute of Tech

Session 5: Big data in natural product discovery

Tilmann Weber, Technical University of Denmark
Nathan Magarvey, Biochemical and Biomedical Sciences, McMaster University
Neil Kelleher, Dept of Chemistry, Northwestern University
Mohammad Seyedsayamodost, Dept of Chemistry, Princeton University
Doug Mitchell, Dept of Chemistry, University of Illinois
Keith Robison, Warp Drive Bio
Anne Carpenter, Broad Institute

Session 6: Natural product discovery and regulation

Gerry Wright, Biochemical and Biomedical Sciences, McMaster University
Lixin Zhang, State Key Laboratory of Bioreactor Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology
Gilles Van Wezel, Dept of Molecular Biotechnology, University of Leiden
Byung-Kwan Cho, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Huimin Zhao, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Illinois
Jennifer Leeds, Novartis Institutes of Biomedical Research
Stefano Donadio, Naicons

Poster Session

Poster Session Topics

  • Natural Products Discovery
  • Genomic-based, activity-based, analytical tools and methods for discovery
  • Development: Clinical
  • Biosynthesis: Pathways, enzymes, genes, regulation, hybrid pathways, hybrid or novel compounds
  • Chemical Biology: Mechanisms of action, target identification, natural products drug resistance and resistance mechanisms
  • Ecology: Natural products in their natural environment
  • Production: Industrial applications, activation of silent pathways, titer increases
  • Informatics: Software development for natural products discovery, development, analysis, etc.