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Recipients should have made outstanding contributions to the area of Industrial Fermentation, Process Development and/or Manufacturing. They should be visionaries, exhibit leadership qualities, and have pioneered efforts in industrial microbiology and/or biotechnology. While desirable, a strong publication or patent record is not to be used as the sole criteria for selection of the award winner since industrial “How To” publications are limited. For this award, “Excellence” should also be defined, at least in part, as commercial success and be process focused.

Also for the purpose of this award, Fermentation is broadly defined as “bioprocessing”, to include the use of cells (or enzymes and other subcellular entities and organelles) regardless of source, e.g. bacteria, archaea, fungi, algae, mammalian, insect, etc., living or not, free or immobilized and “green technology” including retrofitting existing processes (organisms or enzymes) and de novo bioprocesses to achieve greater environmental sustainability.