Dr. Jason Crater

About Dr. Jason Crater

Jason obtained his BS in Chemical Engineering at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, graduating with highest honors in 2010. He has 8 years of industrial experience, the last 6 years with Genomatica where he is managing process scale-up and technology transfer operations. Jason’s core expertise is in fermentation process development and scale-up. Most recently, he was the R&D leader for process scale-up and technology transfer of Genomatica’s 1,4-butanediol (BDO) process to a licensee plant in Bottrighe, Italy. This plant, owned and operated by Novamont, successfully started up in late 2016. It represents the first example of large-scale fermentation production of an established bulk petrochemical.

Keynote Talk: The dawn of sustainable bio-based industrial chemicals

Traditionally, chemical synthesis by fermentation has been limited to natural metabolites, such as amino acids, organic acids, alcohols, fatty acids, and terpenes. Efforts to establish large volume industrial applications for natural metabolites are bearing some fruit, but it still leaves unaddressed the vast majority of industrial chemicals that are not natural products – seemingly inaccessible to fermentation as it has been conducted over the past one hundred years. In order to reduce the consumption of petroleum, alternate and economically competitive supplies of chemicals as well as fuels are needed. Genomatica is leading the way and changing the game by inventing and commercializing biosynthetic pathways for one-pot fermentation production of established industrial intermediate chemicals. The successful commercialization of Genomatica’s GENO BDO™ process is a proof point that suggests a new dawn for sustainable bio-based industrial chemicals is upon us.