RAMC Session Topics

Old Town Alexandria, VA

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Microbial Control in Energy

Conveners: Terry Williams, Dow Microbial Control and Kevin Janak, Lonza


  • Bioethanol
    Liz Summer, Ecolyse
  • Oil & Gas
    Kenneth Wunch, BP
  • TBA
    Vic Keasler, Nalco
  • TBA
    Kevin Janak, Lonza
  • Engineering fermentative yeasts to express bactericidal enzymes to inhibit lactobacilli contamination in fuel ethanol fermentations
    Dwayne Roach, ANRI, ARS, USDA

Microbial control of water systems and environments

Conveners: Jon Calomiris, Sotiria Science and Paul Sturman, Montana State Univ.


  • Microbial control of recreational waters
    Jon Calomiris, Sotiria Science
  • The microbiology of the coupled human-water cycle: Emerging pathogens and water safety
    Joan B. Rose, Ph. D., Michigan State Univ.
  • Best management practices implemented in agricultural watersheds to attenuate surface water contamination with pathogens from livestock manure
    Michael B. Jenkins, Ph. D., USDA, Agricultural Research Service
  • Antimicrobial materials for advanced microbial control in spacecraft water systems
    Michele Birmele, Ph.D, NASA, Kennedy Space Center
  • Legionella growth and survival in biofilms: Laboratory models and the environment
    Paul Sturman, Ph. D.  Montana State University, Center for Biofilm Engineering
  • The potential impact of protozoa in Legionella control and monitoring in cooling towers
    Sharon G. Berk, Ph. D.,  Tennessee Technological University
  • Practical approaches for Legionella control
    Paul Schook, Dow Microbial Control
  • Roundtable on Legionella

Food Safety

Conveners: Jana S. Rajan, Dow Microbial Control and James Marsden, Kansas State Univ.


  • Poultry Processing
    S.R. McKee, Auburn University
  • Beef
    James Marsden, Kansas State Univ.
  • Developments in STEC detection to meet the new regulations
    Wendy Warren, Ph.D., Aegis Food Testing Laboratories
  • Bacteriophages in food safety
    Alexander Sulakvelidze, Intralytix, Inc.

Emerging technologies: New emerging technologies relevant to microbial control

Conveners: Debbie Yaver, Novozymes and John Chapman, Ashland


  • Biological control
    Jonathan Leder, Novozymes Biologicals
  • Controlled release of AMPs from novel type silicone catheters can prevent colonization and biofilm formation
    Karoline Sidelmann Brinch, Novozymes
  • Development of enzyme based nanomaterial formulations for selective decontamination of bacterial pathogens
    Krunal Mehta Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Rapid detection technologies
    Syed Hasham, Michigan State University
  • Non-chemical device in water treatment
    John Chapman, Ashland

Protection of Materials

Conveners: Sid Crow, Georgia State Univ. and Dan Price, US Interface


  • Opportunities for microbial control within the manufacture and use of paints and paint coatings
    Tony A. Rook, Sherwin Williams
  • Building materials
    Dan Price, Interface
  • Tba, Chris Cornelison, Georgia State University
  • Impact of competition between Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus epidermidis on biofilm formation on stainless steel surfaces
    Elisabeth Elder, Louisiana State University-Alexandria


Conveners: George Pierce, Georgia State University


  • Overview of nosocomials
    Mary Mayo, CR Bard
  • Medical and dentai biofilms
    Alexander Rickard, Univ. of Michigan
  • Silver-based wound care
    Marck Wiencek, Milliken