About Brianna Galbreath

Brianna graduated with her Bachelor of Science in wildlife and fisheries biology from The University of Georgia. In her work researching wildlife and zoonotic diseases, she discovered the microscopic world of organisms known as microbiology. She completed her Masters of Science in applied and environmental microbiology from Georgia State University in December 2017 and was fortunate to earn a Ph.D. position upon completion. Her research in lab deals with evaluating the stability and activity of enzymes from Rhodococcus rhodochrousDAP 96253 with targeted uses for the bioconversion of acrylonitrile to bioacrylamide and for the novel therapeutic treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Outside of the lab, Brie is involved in the fermentation of beer and bread, wildlife conservation, and STEM education outreach focused on K-12 grades. Her hobbies include various arts, traveling, kayaking, and sailing with her husband and dog.

Brianna Galbreath, MS

Past Awardees of the Diversity Travel Award

2018 – 40th Symposium – Christian Alcaraz and Samira Fatemi
2017 – 39th Symposium – Emma Brace and Allison Yaguchi