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CD Scott awardee

Liisa Viikari

Liisa Viikari started in 2007 as invited professor on Biorefineries at the University of Helsinki, Finland. Previously, she acted in various positions and finally as research professor (1995-2007) on Industrial biotechnology at VTT Biotechnology, Finland. She has devoted most of her research activities to the fields of basic and applied enzymology for exploitation and upgrading of renewable lignocellulosic resources. She started her biomass research on hemicellulases and extended it later to other enzymes and aspects of biomass conversion, including the PhD on Zymomonas mobilis. The work has comprised design of optimal enzymes and hydrolysis techniques, fermentation of sugars to a variety of products (ethanol, organic acids acid, methane) as well as biotechnical upgrading of various lignocellulose components into value-added products. In 1985-2000, a significant part of her activities was devoted to biotechnical applications in the pulp and paper applications. Lately, the work on biomass conversion has been financed mainly by the European Union. Her list of publication comprises about 150 original peer reviewed articles, as well as reviews, book chapters and patents. During her career, she has been privileged to know and be a friend of many of the main players in the biomass-biotechnology field. Today, gradually retiring, she is able to spend more time with her 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

Bioeconomy Leadership Award

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