About Michael V. Arbige

Dr. Michael V. Arbige is a 40 year veteran of the biotech community, most recently holding the position of Vice President of R&D for DuPont’s BioSciences group. Mike received his BS in Microbiology from the University of Rhode Island (1977) and PhD from the University of New Hampshire in Microbiology (1982). Mike was recently elected into the National Academy of Engineering.

Mike joined the Industrial Biotech startup Genencor Inc. a joint venture between Genentech and Corning Glass, as one of its first scientists in 1982. It was there, in his early days, that Mike led the Fermentation and Strain Development teams in developing some of the first ever rDNA and protein engineered products ever to enter the marketplace. Over subsequent years, Dr. Arbige held various technical leadership roles, including Vice President of Process Development (1990-1997), Vice President of Research (1997-1999), and eventually, Executive Vice President of Technology (1999-2005). He was the technical lead for the Genencor IPO in 2000 which was one of the largest at that time. Mike continued in this leadership role after Genencor was acquired by the European company Danisco in 2005, then after Danisco was acquired by DuPont in 2010, until he retired from the role in 2020. During his tenure, Mike was responsible for a large team of scientists globally dedicated to the discovery and production of hundreds of bio-derived products including Industrial and Diagnostic Enzymes, Biomaterials, Functional Proteins, Probiotics, Chemicals, Vitamins, and Amino Acids that served the fields of Animal Health and Nutrition, Human Health and Nutrition, Home and Personal Care, Household Cleaning, Fuels, Grain Processing, Foods, Textiles, and Microbial Control. In these roles ,Mike established numerous laboratories and manufacturing facilities around the globe. Dr. Arbige served on numerous nonprofit and for profit boards during his career.

Today, Mike is involved in both investment and advisory capacities, with numerous start-up organizations that address the challenges of sustainable human and animal Foods, sustainable novel materials and the development of key technologies for enabling the future success of Industrial Biotechnology.

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