Keynote Speaker – Adam Burja, PhD

Senior Director, Biotechnology
DSM Nutrition Innovation Center

Talk Title: A history of Commercializing Bioprocesses, 150 years in the making. What we’ve learned and continue to learn

Adam Burja is trained as a Microbiologist and Chemical Engineer and currently works on the industrialization of new and improved bio-based, nutritional products at DSM. He received a BSc from University of Melbourne and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Heriot-Watt University (UK) in the field of Industrial Biotechnology. During his career, he has held Government, Academic and Industry positions in Australia, Europe and Canada; before moving to the United States in 2008. Since then he has worked on both the East and West Coast at medium and large Biotechnology, Life Science and Energy Companies. Joining DSM in 2016, to lead the Bioprocess Engineering Group. Located at the Nutrition Innovation Center in Columbia, MD, he and his team work on later-stage Research and Development and Corporate Research Programs. Focusing, on the development of novel and improved nutritional lipids, vitamins, carotenoids and other nutritional ingredients. Most recently, he has been leading an algal technology development program to deliver a sustainable feed ingredient to the aquaculture industry as part of a JV between DSM-Evonik known as Veramaris, with commercial production started this year.