Pre-meeting Workshop

Advanced Fermentation Concepts

Saturday, October 28 | 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
Naples Grande Beach Resort – Naples, FL
Tim Cooper, Danimer Scientific and Chris Stowers, DSM-Firmenich

This workshop is designed as an advanced course to deeply broaden the participants understanding of fermentation principles, especially related to industrial fermentations such as enzymes, biochemicals and probiotics. It is targeted to those with an established foundation regarding fermentation concepts.

The instructors have extensive practical industrial experience in process development and scale-up. As such, the intent will favor practical applications with specific examples vs a concentrated theoretical approach.

The workshop will build upon the basic concepts of fermentation and provide in depth examples of how the manipulation of these concepts impact fermentation. Overlapping methods that provide orthogonal verification of fermentation data will be emphasized across topics. The power of off-gas data to make process decisions will be stressed. Mixing, gas transfer and more complex temperature control predictions will be covered. Successful scale-up is one of the more challenging aspects of industrial fermentation and will be addressed with governing principles and real-world examples. Scale-down, taking processes back to the lab, can be equally challenging. It too will be addressed.

Who Should Attend?

For attendees who have an established foundation with fermentation concepts (2+ years of experience).

Attendees are invited to bring their own laptops but they are not required.

Workshop Fees

Limited to 30 people
SIMB Member


Onsite Fees (After 10/2/2023) – $750



Onsite Fees (After 10/2/2023) – $900

Certificate of Attendance

A certificate of attendance is available after the completion of the workshop and by email request only. Please contact