About the Bioeconomy Leadership Award

The “Bioeconomy Leadership Award” is given on behalf of the SBFC community to a company or non-governmental organization that has significantly advanced the development of a renewable resource-based fuels and chemicals economy. This award is intended to recognize demonstrated and sustained leadership excellence in enabling and realizing commercialization of biomass conversion technologies for fuels and chemicals production. Unique among the SBFC awards, the Bioeconomy Leadership Award is presented to a company or institution rather than to an individual. This new award has been conceived to showcase organizational leadership in advancing development of the bio-based economy.

Deadline: TBD

Past Awardees of the Bioeconomy Leadership Award

2019 – 41st Symposium – ICM
2018 – 40th Symposium – Poet
2017 – 39th Symposium – DSM
2016 – 38th Symposium – LanzaTech
2015 – 37th Symposium – Novozymes
2014 – 36th Symposium – Genomatica
2013 – 35th Symposium – DuPont Industrial Biosciences