Session 2-1: Enzymatic and Catalytic Deconstruction

enzyme discovery, engineering, and synergy. Mechanisms and modeling of enzymatic deconstruction of bio-based feedstocks

Session 2-2: Physical, Thermal, and Chemical Deconstruction

biomass pretreatment, catalytic deconstruction, engineering operations in biomass processing,

Session 2-3: Synthetic and Systems Biology

yeast/fungal/bacterial synthetic and systems biology, cellular and metabolic modeling, consortia in bio-based products

Session 2-4: Advanced Lignin Conversion

biological and chemical conversion of lignin, lignin engineering, lignin products and applications

Session 2-5: Enabling Analytical Technologies

DOE/other user facilities (EMSL, JGI, synchrotrons and beamlines, etc.), HTP methods, advanced imaging and spectroscopy, real-time process monitoring, standardized analytical methods