Session 1-1: Lignocellulosic Feedstocks

engineering of bioenergy crops for reduced recalcitrance, co-product accumulation, improved sustainability, feedstock conversion interface, feedstock variability, Generation 1.5 biofuels


Sunkyu Park – NC State
Bryon Donohoe – NREL

Session 1-2: Lipid Production and Processing

algal, microbial, and plant production of lipids. Harvesting and processing technologies


Tom Jeffries – Xylome
Min Zhang – NREL

Session 1-3: Gaseous Feedstocks

CO2 Capture & Waste Utilization for a Sustainable Bioeconomy (municipal solid waste, anaerobic digestions, CO2 capture


Chenlin Li – INL
Eric Sundstrom – APBDU/LBNL

Session 1-4: Technoeconomic & Life Cycle Analyses

biomass supply chain logistics, land use, TEA modeling, LCA modeling


Mats Galbe – Lund University
Corinne Scown – LBNL