Virtual Teams Fermentation Basics Workshop

This virtual workshop will provide individuals with an introduction to fermentation concepts in industrial settings. The workshop will be broken into sections based upon the topics that are being presented. After each section has been completed, the attendees will be given real life fermentation case studies that they will work through to reinforce the just discussed topics. The first section of the workshop will include topics on fermenter equipment and design including aspect ratios, agitator design, sparger design and sterilization of equipment and media. The second section will deal with actual operational issues of fermentation processes including media design considerations, foam control strategies, shear, mixing, aeration, and feeding methods. The workshop will finish with a section that covers issues involved in scaling up to production size fermenters.

Who Should Attend?

The class should be attended by those who are new to fermentation or have limited (less than 5 years) exposure to fermentation concepts. Scientists and non-scientists will benefit from the concepts discussed in the workshop.

Registration is closed.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

8:30 am – 3:30 pm EDT




SIMB Member: $175
Nonmember: $250
Student: $100


Mark Berge
Astra Zeneca

Tim Cooper