LanzaTech, a company founded in New Zealand in 2005,  has developed a unique microbial capability that captures and recycles a broad spectrum of gases for fuel production. These robust microbes combined with innovative approaches in bioreactor design and process development have enabled rapid scale up to take place, with two 100,000 gallon/year demonstration scale facilities in China using steel mill waste gases for ethanol production. The first 3 commercial units are being built; in China with Shougang; in Taiwan with China Steel and in Belgium with the world’s largest steel maker, ArcelorMittal.

Across the supply chain, LanzaTech embodies the concept of the bioeconomy, by promoting a ‘carbon smart’ circular economy, where both gas providers and end users can choose to be resource efficient by recycling or “sequestering” carbon into new products rather than making them from new fossil resources. LanzaTech has partnered with 8 Global Fortune 500 Companies across a variety of sectors, including steel, chemicals, refining and aviation.

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