SIMB Announces Program for its 2022 Annual Meeting in San Francisco

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The Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology (SIMB) has released the full program for the 72nd SIMB Annual Meeting and Exhibition in San Francisco, CA

Fairfax, VA (June 9, 2022) – The Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology is pleased to announce the final slate of sessions and speakers for the 72nd SIMB Annual Meeting and Exhibition being held in person August 7—10, 2022, in San Francisco, CA!
The 2022 program committee has established a robust and cutting-edge scientific program featuring dozens of sessions focused on the society’s five key focus areas—biocatalysis, cell culture and fermentation, environmental microbiology, metabolic engineering, and natural products—plus several topical special sessions, workshops, and other exciting events, including a keynote by renowned leader, scientist, and Professor Jay Keasling.

Photo of Jay Keasling

Dr. Jay Keasling is the CEO of the Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI), the Philomathia Professor of Alternative Energy at the University of California, Berkeley, Departments of Bioengineering and Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, as well as senior faculty scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. His research focuses on the metabolic engineering of microorganisms for degradation of environmental contaminants or for environmentally friendly synthesis of drugs, chemicals, and fuels.

The entire meeting promises to be an outstanding opportunity for professional development, networking, and collaboration as attendees explore the latest successes and emerging research in the field of industrial microbiology and biotechnology. Browse the full online program and register to attend at

Topic Areas for the SIMB Annual Meeting are Cell Culture and Fermentation, Environmental Microbiology, Metabolic Engineering and Natural Products

The 2022 SIMB Annual Meeting will start off strong on Sunday, August 7, with three workshops covering tools and topics for attendees who want to brush up on design of experiment (DoE) methods for bioprocess development and optimization, explore easy-to-use bioinformatics tools, or strengthen their foundation in industrial fermentation concepts. Later that day attendees will hear from students, postdocs, and other young investigators in a rapid-fire Science Slam session, followed closely by the keynote from Dr. Jay Keasling and the opening of the exhibit hall and poster reception where attendees can connect with each other, our industry partners, and other presenters they’ve heard from throughout the day.

Heading into the week, the program on Monday, August 8, will feature many more oral sessions and poster presentations covering major and trending topics in the field, including a special lecture from Dr. Jung-Kee Lee, President of the Korean Society for Microbiology and Biotechnology (KMB) and student session. Monday will also mark the opening of this year’s Career Fair, which connects talented job-seeking attendees with leading industry employers such as BASF and LanzaTech.

Tuesday, August 9, starts early with the annual 5k Fun Run! Participation is free for all attendees and commemorative t-shirts and refreshments will be provided. Participants will need to save some energy, though, because the second full day of sessions includes a special diversity, equity, and inclusion session and concludes with the Charles Thom lecture by Dr. Terry Papoutsakis, University of Delaware, the awards ceremony, and the SIMB 2022 Annual Meeting Banquet.

The final day of the conference, Wednesday, August 10, concludes with another full day of oral session presentations, including the last two of this year’s three special sessions!

There is clearly so much to look forward to at this year’s Annual Meeting, and SIMB wishes to thank the members of the 2022 Program Committee, including the 2022 Program Chair Mark Blenner, University of Delaware, for their diligence and expertise in putting together such a strong program. SIMB is only able to achieve such high-quality content for its meetings because of the incredible contributions of members and volunteers like you. Thank you!

To register for the 2022 SIMB Annual Meeting and Exhibition in San Francisco, CA, visit

To learn about other SIMB meetings and opportunities to be involved in planning next year’s program, visit

About SIMB
The Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology (SIMB) is a nonprofit, international association dedicated to the advancement of microbiological sciences, especially as they apply to industrial products, biotechnology, materials, and processes. Founded in 1949, SIMB promotes the exchange of scientific information through its meetings and publications and serves as liaison among the specialized fields of microbiology. Membership in the Society is extended to all scientists and companies in the general field of microbiology.

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