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Biodyne USABiodyne USA

Family owned and operated, Biodyne USA is an environmental biotechnology company focused on harnessing the power of naturally
occurring, beneficial microorganisms and other sustainable technologies for use in a variety of agricultural and environmental applications.
Biodyne website

BioIntelligence TechnologiesBioIntelligence Technologies

Biointelligence Technologies developed a new generation of intelligent monitoring and analytics instruments allowing companies in the bioprocessing industry to increase their performance by eliminating losses in product and in profits while reducing the consumption of resources (e.g. water and energy) and reducing the emission of CO2.
BioIntelligence Technologies website

Getinge logoGetinge

Getinge provides hospitals and life science institutions with products and solutions that aim to improve clinical results and optimize workflows. The offering includes products and solutions for intensive care, cardiovascular procedures, operating rooms, sterile reprocessing, life science, and Applikon bioreactor systems. Getinge employs over 10,000 people worldwide
Getinge website

Global BioIngredients, Inc.

Global BioIngredients has been serving the world’s microbiology, molecular biology, tissue culture, and food ingredient markets with quality raw materials for over 45 years. Our line encompasses Agar, Agarose, Agarose Resins, Peptones, Extracts and Infusions manufactured by our ISO certified plants spanning the globe. When thinking about bioingredients, think Global.
Global BioIngredients website

KATZEN logoKATZEN International, Inc.

KATZEN International, Inc. is a world leader in process technology, plant design, and consulting engineering for the biofuels and biochemical industries. Since 1955, we have pursued a world vision where sustainable solutions and cutting-edge technologies drive economic progress with a cleaner, more prosperous future for all. This commitment has resulted in some of the most advanced ethanol plants in the world. Many KATZEN first-of-kind innovations are considered benchmarks in the biofuels industry. We push the boundaries of biofuel technology and take pride in a legacy of robust, world-class plants that produce the greatest return on investment during the life of the plant.
KATZEN website

Mettler-Toledo logoMettler-Toledo Process Analytics

Mettler-Toledo Process Analytics is a leader in process and pure water monitoring instrumentation used in pharmaceutical and biotech applications, offering systems for the measurement parameters of TOC, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and ozone, pH/ORP and flow. METTLER TOLEDO’s innovation continues with the introduction of the 7000RMS analyzer for online microbial monitoring.
Mettler-Toledo Process Analytics website

Microbial Discovery Group logoMicrobial Discovery Group

Microbial Discovery Group is an R&D-driven product development, scale-up, and large-scale Bacillus fermentation company. With MDG, your ideas are refined and delivered by applying Real Science to a Trusted Process, yielding Proven Success. We provide single strains or proprietary blends. MDG scales up products to commercialization rapidly, accurately, and economically.
Microbial Discovery Group website

Moubio Fermentor Co.

Mini stirred bio/reactor and monitoring/control systems, from everyday plug-n-play cultures to high throughput DOE bundles, 0.1 to 5L vessels using brand-name lab glassware, and quality parts with mass produced precision, repeatedly autoclavable yet amendable to 24/7 SUB productivity. Incremental mixing kLa designs to match specific mixing zones for predictive scale-up and screening to preserve culture robustness. Adaptation to continuous and/or magnetic coupled systems also built to order in one stop. Performance, price and timely delivery to meet today’s biotech R&D needs.
Moubio website

Tatua USA Ltd.

Tatua USA Ltd. provides hydrolysates and growth factors into the global fermentation and cell culture markets. Our expertise in raw material sourcing, hydrolysis, and filtration are coupled with dedicated R&D, world-class quality systems, and direct customer support to deliver supply security, optimized yields and consistency, and savings for your business.
Tatua website


Enabling large-scale commercial clients to achieve higher value renewable products, Xylome Corporation uses a broad range of biochemical technologies, innovative yeasts and metabolic engineering, while striving to reduce our planet’s net carbon emissions.
Xylome website

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