About SIMB

The Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology (SIMB) is a nonprofit, international association dedicated to the advancement of microbiological sciences, especially as they apply to industrial products, biotechnology, materials, and processes. Founded in 1949, SIMB promotes the exchange of scientific information through its meetings and publications, and serves as liaison among the specialized fields of microbiology. Membership in the Society is extended to all scientists and companies in the general field of microbiology.

SIMB members work in diverse fields of microbiology and biotechnology:

General, Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology (24.2% of total membership)
Fermentation & Cell Culture (21.9%)
Antibiotics/Sec. Metabol./Natural Products & Pharmaceuticals (10.6%)
Molecular Biology/Genetic Eng./Genetics & Strain Development (7.6%)
Environmental Microbiology & Waste Treatment (4.7%)
Process Development & Biochemical Engineering (3.6%)
Microbial Physiology, Biochemistry & Metabolism (3.2%)
Biocides, Disinfect. & Ster./Clinical & Medical Microbiology (3.1%)
Biodegradation & Bioremediation (2.5%)
Microbial Ecology (2.2%)
QA/QC & Analytical (2.1%)
Biocatalysis & Biotransformation/Spec. Chem & Polymers (2%)
Food Microbiology & Safety (1.7%)
Cosmetics Microbiology (1.3%)
Fungi & Mycology (1.3%)
Microbiology Education (0.7%)
Petroleum & Hydrocarbon Microbiology (0.6%)
Microbial Taxonomy (0.6%)
Marine, Aquatic Biology & Algae (0.5%)
Legal, Regulatory & Compliance (0.2%)
Other (5.4%)

Many of our members are involved in industrial discovery research (24.2%), academic research (21%) or process and/or product development (13.9%). The remainder work in, among other areas, management, manufacturing, QA/QC testing, and government research.

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