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The RAFT X keynote speaker is Dr Matthew DeLisa, William L. Lewis Professor of Engineering from Cornell University. Prof DeLisa will be giving a lecture on “Bacterial glycoengineering: from cellular enzymes and pathways to human therapeutics and vaccines.” Prof DeLisa is an up and coming star in the area of biopharmaceutical research and has been recognized with a number of awards for his work including

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The RAFT 10 programme looks great with academic and industry experts ready to inform and excite with some stimulating lectures. Our session chairs have put together a great programme and all we need now are the poster presenters and attendees that will make RAFT 10 the most successful meeting yet in this very popular series. As a result of positive feedback from the previous meeting, we are returning to stunning Marco Island, FL from November 3-6, 2013.

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Call for papers for 36th SBFC

Abstract submission is now open for the 36th Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals happening in the spring of 2014. Please submit your abstract online.

Session topics for 36th SBFC

Feedstock I – Plant Genetics and Recalcitrance
Research aimed at producing improved plant cultivars is underway worldwide with the goal of developing biomass sources with improved cell wall structure, growth and composition characteristics beneficial to bioconversion. This session will highlight research on breeding to improve plant yield, advances in domestication of promising biomass species, in planta expression of enzymes, fundamental understanding of biophysical origin of biomass recalcitrance, developments in crops with reduced recalcitrance for better processing characteristics, and advances in plant systems biology research.

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Thank you for participating in the 35th Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuel and Chemicals last week in Portland. Our attendance remained strong at over 700 attendees from 29 countries.

EXHIBITORS: Many thanks to our exhibitors for their participation. Our available tables sold out and traffic increased greatly with our new, dedicated, exhibit hours prior to the poster session.

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SIMB would like to congratulate the winners of the 2013 SIMB Election who will begin their terms of office at the Annual Business Meeting, August 14. Read more about the newly-elected officers here on the 2013 Candidates Bios (PDF).

Tim Davies, Ph.D., Green Biologics, Abdington, UK

Ramon Gonzalez, Ph.D., Rice University, Houston, TX
Debbie Yaver, Novozymes, Davis, CA

Thanks to everyone who participate in this year’s election.