SIMB works on strategic plan update

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SIMB President Tim Davies appointed a Presidential Committee on Strategic Planning whose goal was to update the Strategic Plan including the mission, vision, core values and goals of SIMB. Susan Bagley, Jeff Schwartz, Scott Baker, Chris Lowe, Tim and myself have been working since November on a new Strategic Plan. The Board of Directors and the SIMB committee members has reviewed and provided feedback which is reflected in the draft version included here. Our goal is to get final approval for the document at the August 6 Board Meeting at the SIMB Annual Meeting. The draft Strategic Plan will also be discussed at the SIMB Business Meeting on August 5. Once the final document is approved the committees will formulate plans and actions on how their activities will address the aspirations and goals that are outlined in the Strategic Plan.

We are now at the point in the process where we would like to engage the SIMB membership in reviewing the draft and providing any feedback. Please send any feedback or comments to membership by July 29. We look forward to hearing your comments.
Download the Strategic Plan Draft (.doc)

Kind regards,
Debbie Yaver
On behalf of the Presidential Committee on Strategic Planning

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