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Each year, it is the President’s duty to chair the awards ceremony during the Annual Meeting, in which the contributions of the officers, committees, SIMB staff and a select group of our colleagues are recognized. The ceremony is culminated when the President-Elect recognizes the outgoing President’s contributions and service to the Society. As I took my turn to participate in this ceremony and to recognize Scott Baker for his service to the Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology, it became apparent that more than a dozen of my predecessors were in attendance. There were also many other past and present officers, committee members and program chairs in the audience, each of whom had contributed to the success and longevity of the SIMB. It is this long history of continued involvement and shared stewardship that makes the SIMB unique among professional and scholarly societies.

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SIMB Awards
The Society for Industrial Microbiology (SIMB) is now accepting nominations for our various awards honoring individuals and companies for their achievements in the fields of microbiology and biotechnology. These awards are presented each year at the SIMB Annual Meeting and Exhibition. For more information on these awards and how to make a nomination, please visit

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Last week, Dr. Michael Schmidt, co-host of the podcast “This Week in Microbiology” (TWiM), took some time to speak about the Recent Advances in Microbial Control meeting he recently attended. Highlights of the RAMC meeting in San Diego begin at the 11:40 minute mark.

Link to TWiM #137
[divider top=”no” size=”1″] This Week in Microbiology (TWiM) is a podcast about unseen life on Earth hosted by Vincent Racaniello and friends. Dr. Michael Schmidt is from the Medical University of South Carolina.

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Announcing Recent Advances in Fermentation Technology(RAFT) 12. The next RAFT meeting will be held October 29-November 1, 2017 at the Hyatt Coconut Point, Bonita Springs (Ft. Myers), Florida. The theme will be “Driving Innovation and Stability from R and D to Commercialization and Beyond”, and leading the program committee will be Program Chair Tiffany Rau of Evonik-Degussa. More information will become available late 2016.

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The Local Sections Committee will have a table at this year’s annual meeting in New Orleans.

Local Sections of SIMB provide a valuable service in providing forums for those scientists who are unable to attend national meetings. They also provide a more social atmosphere where new friendships and future employment contacts can be made. The Local Sections Committee of SIMB is also in the process of soliciting Student Local Sections. The goals of the student sections would be very similar, to foster new friendships, establish a social and professional network and most importantly further scientific interactions.

If you would like more information on how to start a local section or student section please stop by our table in the SIMB Registration Area, 5th floor, during registration hours