Careers in Industrial Microbiology Webinar

Webinar with SIMB Presidential Team

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Graphic showing the three speakers for the Careers in Industrial Microbiology Webinar

Microbiology has been an applied science since we first harnessed the process of fermentation—probably to produce wine from fruit. Today it is a key pillar of the thriving bioeconomy. In this open and free webinar, the presidential team from the Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology (SIMB) will define ‘industrial microbiology’ and its different areas of application, discuss job opportunities in the field, and walk through the transferable skills and training needed to enter this growing profession at any level, from a high school diploma to a PhD. You’ll see careers in the field go beyond basic research, too, from fermentation scale-up, purification, contamination, and safety, to data science/computation, automation, engineering, business development, and more! To find out what opportunities might be a good fit for you, join SIMB President Noel Fong (Nucelis), SIMB President-Elect Nigel Mouncey (DOE JGI), and SIMB Past-President Steve Decker (NREL) for this illuminating roundtable discussion! A Q&A will follow the presentation.

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